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Welcome to our Rapid Home Equity program page. The Janezic Realty Group is transforming lives of our clients by dramatically improving their financial landscape and positively expanding their housing options. We are able to accomplish these feats through our vast experience, extensive knowledge and a strategic partnership with an organization that offers below market interest rates to start, but allows an aggressive buy-down often resulting in interest rates as low as 0.125%. While that sounds absolutely ridiculous, below is a subset of our client base that have already accomplished this feat and have put themselves on track for financial freedom. Below you can learn more about their stories from them directly.


Program Details

The program is amazingly simple in design, but the journey can be a bit arduous. The Janezic Realty Group has the knowledge and experience to expertly navigate you through the process. The secret is a loan product available through a strategic partner that offers 100% financing with no private mortgage insurance, virtually no closing costs, a below-market interest rate (regardless of credit score), and most significantly, an aggressive interest rate buy down opportunity. Best of all, this program is available to absolutely EVERYONE! The results can vary, but I mean EVERYONE can benefit!


Sound too good to be true? Hear stories direct from our clients about how their lives were changed through this program with the help of the Janezic Realty Group.

Client Stories


Meet Adrienne. Adrienne was my pioneer for the Rapid Home Equity Program. She and her 90-year-old mom had a real estate challenge in that their home had all the bedrooms on the second floor and it was becoming problematic for mom. She was considering adding a chair rail system to her 2 story home to solve their challenge, but she preferred to find a new home with a master suite on the main level. Unfortunately, the homes that suited their needs were out of their fixed income budget, which capped the home prices at under $250,000. The purchase would require a substantial down payment that would exhaust the proceeds from the sale of their current home.

That's when I explained the Rapid Home Equity Program to Adrienne. Utilizing the program, we were able to help Adrienne and her mom buy a gorgeous $287,000 1.5 story home with the 3 bedrooms on the main level. With about $3000 in prepaids and closing costs, Adrienne borrowed $250,000 at 0.125% fixed rate interest for 30 years yielding a P&I payment of $711/mo. That's $27 less than her current $738/mo mortgage payment, but the really impressive detail is her monthly interest expense was reduced from $510/mo to $27/mo. That's less than $5000 in interest over the life of the loan. And the icing on the cake, she had $28,000 of previously frozen equity available for debt consolidation, home improvements, and lifestyle improvements. Now they are living BETTER, paying LESS and saving MORE! Her financial landscape has been improved by over $150,000.



Meet PJ and Victoria. PJ and Victoria were enjoying their existing home but were contemplating a move to a better neighborhood with access to the local greenway. However, they didn't want to increase their monthly payment as they had a desire to save and invest more. That's when we introduced them to the Rapid Home Equity program. They were motivated and fast-tracked the program and achieved qualification in less than 45 days. They not only bought a better home in a better neighborhood, but they reduced their monthly payment by approximately $400 per month. While that is significant in its own right, their reduced payment was enriched to 96% principal. Additionally, the program allowed them to add $27,000 to their loan to cover the cost to install a screened-in porch and a privacy fence. Hear it direct from them!



Meet Tesema and Meseret. This lovely family was living off Beatties Ford Rd in Lincoln Heights. Their starter home was made possible by the Habitat for Humanity program. While they loved their home, they were shopping for a larger home in a safe neighborhood with better schools for several years. The Janezic Realty Group was able to maximize the sale of their home and leverage the equity to purchase a much more impressive home in the Northeast Charlotte as shown in the following comparison graphic.


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